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Kari Lappi Announces Site to Help New Home Based Entrepreneurs ...

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January 04, 2013 ? Kari Lappi, one of the best online marketers, recently announced that his company is giving away free network marketing and social development tools on their website. The site provides free and valuable information about Internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, network marketing for home based entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Kari Lappi dot com has been re-launched for people who are planning or have started their home based Internet business. Lappi?s site however also deals with social and business development, affiliate marketing and network marketing, and direct sales. includes a self Development page archive, where he teaches what other Marketing Gurus and Social Marketing Experts fail to teach: ?that karma works even in affiliate or online marketing?. His blog is devoted to online entrepreneurs so that they are able to get valuable information for free. While other Internet Marketing and direct sales mentors sell their eBooks or blog membership for a fee, Lappi gives it away ?to empower people to start their own home based internet business?.

Lappi extends those engaged in affiliate and network marketing a free hand adding, ?Starting a business online is not only about knowledge of what to do and how to do it, it?s also about mindset and how you see things around you. That?s why self development and mindset are essential parts of your journey as an online networking business.? He?s an ardent believer in giving and helping others because he feels that real success is when one can make others as successful as oneself.

He advises people involved in network marketing and direct sales never to give up but rather to continue working hard even if there are no tangible results. He said: ?Having belief that after 90 days when nothing seems to be happening, all of a sudden you?ll start seeing results. Those first 90 days are crucial and it is during those first 90 days most either quit or start looking for another business model and go through the same process again.?

He tells people that anyone can start an internet business and that it?s not about having a formal education or even knowledge but more about the ?mindset? of the individual and how he perceives things, people and his immediate environment. He challenges those who wish to try their first home based business to be consistent for the first 90 days and wait and see the results after. Neither does he believe that there is any ?get rich quick? scheme online business. In fact, he takes a rather pragmatic stand and declares, ?We are being told of instant Internet riches, but the real truth is that building a solid online business takes work and effort and you need to know what those steps to success are.? He also emphasizes that SEO is important for network marketing for home based entrepreneurs.

Lappi finds it amazing that his messages have resonated to a worldwide audience and has expressed his gratefulness to those who read him. Lately however, he has also decided to team up with the best SEO experts in the online marketing niche. Having these experts, he says, enables him to learn more from those who are thoroughly skilled in this specific field. He and his team realize that there is more to money, like establishing more meaningful business relationships with people who need his help and those who are already doing affiliate marketing and direct sales.

Lappi is considered the Deepak Chopra teacher of internet marketing though he does not wish to compare himself with any ?guru?. In fact, he insists that everyone is considered a guru and relationships teach about both businesses and self development.

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