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Did Kim Zolciak Lie About Building Her New Dream Home ...

Ever since getting evicted from her PREVIOUS ?dream home? [rental] and having to cram back into her townhouse, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has been boasting about how she and Kroy are ?building? their fabulous ?new? dream house.

Kim even took to Twitter recently to post a photo of the new digs. The photo of the exterior said, ?Giving u a sneak peek of Our work in progress.? But how much work is really being made?

Kim has been talking all over Twitter about the new house she is building. She is making it seem like it?s a brand spanking new house but now she has been exposed as a liar ? yet again.

TVFishBowl has received legal documentation that exposes Kim as the liar she has become recently in her attempt to appear pristine and wealthy. The documents prove that Kim?s new house is NOT a new construction home, but was actually bought very cheap at $880,000 (originally listed at $3,750,000 before developer went bankrupt) because it?s a foreclosure that simply needed to be upgraded! Check out the documents here.

So while Kim tries to compensate by saying she is building a brand new house, they really are just building up on an already built foreclosure home.

Kim obviously went on the defense on Twitter, and said, ?People need to get the facts straight before they write BUT u will see soon enough! #dumbasses?

She also replied to someone, ?@6ft2andTatted lmao! How do u figure! Didn?t have walls, toilets, nothing but half a structure! Now that?s funny!! People and the sh*t they say!?


Wow! Okay so she got a fixer-upper at a good price? Why lie about building a lavish new house?! What?s worse is she is doing exactly what she hated on Kandi for. I can?t with the dumb lies. Like, you?re going to get exposed! Hello.

Thoughts on this news about Kim?s house? Is she a liar? Is it just a technicality and she really is ?building? a new house?

UPDATE: Kim was obviously upset about this matter, so she has clarified and it looks like she has publicly owned up to the facts! Kim tweets, ?@tracypelota partially built home structure 70% NOT completed foreclosed, we purchased it and will be finishing it out BRAND NEW! Doesn?t even have a driveway yet!?

That sounds a bit more honest than ?building a new dream home!? :P

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