Friday, December 21, 2012

Old Pool Proposal: Multi-purpose Gym |

Submitted by Multiple Recreational Sport Groups

In order to offset the loss of revenue from the pool, the redevelopment of the old pool area must consider the needs of the community, any proposals submitted which detract from potential sources of revenue should be reconsidered if there are alternatives presented that will maximize fees and rentals. This is critical because if any one group or organization monopolizes the space, then effectively this would not allow the town to cater to multi use demand. It is imperative that any plan designed for the purpose of re-allocating the space previously occupied by the pool, be redeveloped for a wide variety of sporting venues.

Looking at the Criteria set out by council ?The future space should be a flexible, multi-purpose community space that is suitable for families and people of all ages and provides activities that are complementary to existing recreation offerings and amenities?.

?The existing recreation offerings and amenities?,currently comprise two hockey rinks, a weight room and a gymnastics club and the pool which is scheduled for decommission. A mutli use gymnasium to replace the pool would meet all the criteria set out by council and meet the collective needs of the community.

A key point of the proposal which we are submitting to you for your consideration, is that the following sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Pickleball, Walking track, La crosse , Floor hockey , Roller derby, and various town of Canmore programmes to name a few, would definitely be complementary to existing recreation offerings and amenities, as well as generating enough fees to replace the lost pool revenue.

The Canmore residents participate in a wide variety of recreational sports, therefore an all in one solution designed to satisfy local demand is superior in terms of revenue generation, than any single use designation.

All the listed sports have expressed great interest and the aggregate demand for various multiple uses, is more than sufficient to warrant the submission of this proposal.

If the gymnastics club is allowed to relocate to the old pool space, then it becomes difficult to understand how the Canmore recreation center intends to redevelop the space upstairs vacated by the club, in order to replace revenue lost by the decommissioning of the pool. In such a scenario, the only space left for new multi use sports would be the space vacated by the Gymnastics club since they wouldn?t need both spaces, therefore this restricts the ability of the Canmore rec center to implement a redevelopment plan designed to generate revenue because of space and height restrictions as per the requirements outlined below.

Multi use Gymnasiums in Calgary range from 28$ ? 40 $ per hour rental and Canmore School Gymnasiums range from 35 ? 80$ (only available in evenings). Based on these quoted prices, and taking into account the projected revenue stream, using a low estimate of 32$ per hour average rental rate based on a 12 hour day the minimum revenue generated would be approximately $140,000 per year.


  • Gymnasium hardwood floor.
  • Multi floor lines
  • Various Nets, Basketball Hoops, Goals.
  • Floor sockets for net sports
  • Removable bench seating.
  • Protective netting for windows and lighting.
  • Storage.
  • Protective padding for standing columns

A multi-use gymnasium also can be used as a venue for many other community-based special events, Cultural, Social and Commercial.

Download a complete copy of the Multi Purpose Gym Proposal
Old Pool proposal ? Multi purpose gym


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